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Do I need a maintenance contract?

Yes – although your electric gates are designed to be operated repeatedly, after a while they can suffer from wear that could adversely affect their function and safety. As with any mechanically operated system, yearly maintenance and servicing is essential and will ensure they always function properly.

What’s included in the gate maintenance contracts?

This obviously depends on the type of gates you have, their size and the type of motor that powers them, if your automated gates are In a commercial application your gates are likely to be used more often and may need more vigorous servicing to adhere to health and safety.

servicing includes the removal of all covers. All moving parts are cleaned and lubricated. If ground boxes are installed they will be checked that they are draining correctly. The lids will be removed from the photo cells and any debris removed. your gate will be fully cleaned and tested to make sure it is working to its optimum potential

As long as your gates are still within their warranty – you won’t have to pay for labour or materials.

What if my gate was installed by another company?

No problem – we will simply send an engineer out to check your gates are properly installed and in good working order, and if everything’s ok we will be happy to arrange a maintenance contract to ensure they stay that way.

What if I don’t have a maintenance contract but I need assistance with a faulty gate?

Again, no problem – we can send an engineer out to help you. They can inspect the problem and carry out electric gate repairs for you, but if you don’t have a maintenance contract you will have to pay a call out fee, as well as labour charges and material costs.

How do I get a maintenance contract?

For any further information or to arrange a visit from one of our expert engineers, simply contact our friendly team. We’ll be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have to find the right gate repair or maintenance option for you and your gate.


To ensure your electric gates continue to function properly and safely, regular maintenance is essential. That’s why we provide yearly maintenance contracts that will keep your new automated gates serviced and in perfect working order for years to come.

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