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The automation equipment we use is of the highest quality and chosen for its reliability and longevity. We will recommend the best type of automation for your installation depending on your entrance size and budget.

Underground - Swing Gates

Below ground boxes which house our top quality underground motors is the most popular way to automate your gates. These are long lasting and very reliable. This is also the most discreet and stylish of automation choices.

Sliding gate motors

Sliding gate motors are an elegant automatic gate solution for sloping entrances. Furthermore, unlike swinging gates a sliding gate requires no additional clearance into the driveway, and are therefore ideal if space is limited. Sliding gate motors are also the most suitable choice for opening and closing large or heavy gates

Ram Arm Operators - Swing Gates

Ram operators require no digging as the motorised ram fits directly onto the gate itself pulling the gate open and pushing it closed. This type of automation offers excellent value for money and is suitable for driveways which do not have the room to dig and fit underground boxes.

Hydraulic Gate Operators (Motors)

Hydraulic gate operators are generally quieter and faster than electro-mechanical operators for swing gates. They are more powerful and can cope more easily with larger, heavier gates and are ideal for timber close boarded gates.

Hydraulic gate operators require less maintenance and servicing as they are sealed and filled with oil. This keeps all working parts lubricated and gives a much longer life-expectancy than electro-mechanical operators.

It is possible to choose among a wide range of motorisation for your chosen gate. However this depends on the weight and the dimensions of the leaf gate. Please ask for more details when you make your enquiry.

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